Concrete Sealing and Stone Services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Bluejet provides concrete sealing services and back their expertise with years of industry experience. Through a consultative approach we endeavour to understand exactly what type of services are needed for your property to help you to maintain and protect your investment.

If you have the experience to prepare and seal your concrete yourself, we have the products that will deliver the best results. With years of research and development behind us, we have created some of the very best sealers on the market at affordable prices.


When you have created a new driveway, patio, pool deck, pathway, or other outdoor concrete area, you expect it to look its best for years to come. The reality is that our harsh Australian weather can take a severe toll on that pristine surface.


What happens if you don’t have concrete sealing?


As concrete is a porous material that absorbs liquids, the expansion and contraction of liquids can destroy the surface of unsealed concrete. Oil, dirt, salt, fertilizer, and other household chemicals can damage, corrode and stain unsealed concrete.


As time passes, the concrete degenerates and gets dirty, naturally crumbles, fades, cracks or stains in certain places. Therefore, if you want to keep your concrete surfaces in good shape then you should consider sealing your concrete.


Almost every type of concrete surface needs sealing services, both immediately after the installation and then routinely after that. Using a good concrete sealer service improves the appearance of the concrete and helps keep the surfaces stain-free and protected from the elements.


Bluejet’s services depend on the result you are looking for and therefore we provide you with different options for your project. We can add a little sheen or promote a dramatic colour change, or create a wet or dry look. We can also seal your concrete without changing its appearance or give it a slight gloss or matt effect.


We use products that we know and trust, for all concrete sealing projects


We do this in order to ensure you get the best result and are satisfied with our services.


When an area needs to be resealed it is important to know the type of sealer originally used so we can determine the best method to reseal your concrete. Some products on the market are more difficult than others to restore, others cannot be restored at all and need to be completely removed before you seal. In either event one of our professional estimators will be able to advise you of the best approach and the products to use for your concrete sealing project.


If you would like to know more about sealing the concrete areas on your property, please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange an onsite visit with one of our estimators.


When you meet with our concrete sealer estimators, they will discuss all your sealing needs and the benefits of our services. The estimator will evaluate your situation and then make the appropriate recommendation for the sealing services that will produce the desired result.


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