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Are you planning for new concrete? Bluejet can help you with the design, cost estimate, and application ideas. Our estimators have years of experience to give you the information you need and tips to get the result you want.


When considering concrete work, first think about getting the quality and service you want. Concrete done correctly will last for years - never take the lowest cost option to save a few dollars per square meter - it will not be money saved in the long run if the job is not right, and can be extremely costly!


Bluejet recommends getting a concreting quote from a qualified professional, they can often do the project within your budget and produce a quality result due to economies of scale and access to the proper equipment.


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Concrete Resurfacing

Do you want to permanently cover up cracks and surface imperfections in your existing concrete surfaces? Does your concrete driveway, patio, entryway, or pool surrounds need a makeover? Are you preparing to sell your house or have you just moved into a property where resurfacing would make a dramatic difference? By updating your concrete you can quickly increase the value of your property.


With concrete resurfacing almost any concrete surface can enjoy a complete face lift at a much lower cost than removal and replacement. Transform that dull, damaged, drab patio, pool deck, driveway, front entrance or pathway into a new, beautiful decorative concrete surface.


Contact us today to talk to a Bluejet estimator to see if concrete resurfacing is the right solution for you.


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Concrete Restoration

Is your concrete showing signs of age, wear and tear? It's natural for concrete to crack, deteriorate and discolour over time. However, the good news is that you can change the look of your old and tired concrete and add beauty and value to your property.


Bluejet is at the forefront of the latest applications, innovations, treatments, and services in concrete restoration. We specialize in residential and commercial concrete restoration solutions. Our experience, knowledge, equipment and products help to ensure that we provide you with the best possible solution for your concrete restoration needs.


In most cases you can avoid the hassle and expense of ripping out and replacing your concrete. Call us today and speak with a professional who can evaluate your situation and propose the right solution for you.


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 Sealing concrete and stone

Sealing Concrete and Stone

No decorative concrete installation is complete without the application of a sealer. Sealing your concrete will protect and maintain the surface, keep it looking great for years, and extend its service life.


Sealing concrete also makes the surface more resistant to weather exposure, moisture, grease and oil, stains, and marks. Even if the surface begins to show wear after years of exposure sealing it will often restore its original beauty.


Choosing the right sealer and sealing service to achieve the right balance between aesthetics and performance is very important. Contact a Bluejet estimator today to discuss your requirements and help you to extend the life of your concrete and keep it looking fantastic for years to come.


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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Bluejet specializes in decorative concrete resurfacing, we are here to help you get the look you are after. Are you interested in a stamped or patterned concrete patio, a coloured concrete walkway, or coloured concrete for your home? With Topit Flexible we take ordinary looking concrete and transform it into a beauitful surface.


Browsing our gallery will help you get ideas to see what's possible and what can work for you. Booking an on site appointment with a Bluejet estimator will help us understand the end result you want to achieve and what can be expected with our products.


Call us today to book an appointment to discuss how we can help you create the outcome you desire that fits your lifestyle and that creates a great first impression!


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Epoxy Flooring

Turn your plain grey concrete garage floor into an extension of your living area by adding colour, hiding imperfections, and protecting your concrete with an epoxy coating. An epoxy floor is aesthetically attractive and durable, it will give your concrete floor a low-maintenance, decorative surface that is easy to clean, smooth and slip resistant.


An epoxy floor is ideal for indoor surfaces in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, especially where durability, longevity, and minimal maintenance is a priority.


Epoxy coatings come in a wide variety of colour options and can be pigmented, like paint, to achieve an unlimited spectrum of colours. Contact a Bluejet estimator today to discuss your indoor epoxy floor requirements.


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Driveways, Patios and Pool Surrounds

Is your driveway, patio or pool surrounds old, worn, weathered and cracked? Is it time to invest in your outdoor areas so you can use the space and enjoy your indoor / outdoor al fresco lifestyle? Are your concrete surfaces both slip-free and beautiful?


Driveways, patios, paths and house surrounds are just as much a part of presenting your home as landscaping your gardens and lawns. Homes that sell and fetch top dollar are those that have transformed their driveway and the front of their properties into something attractive and appealing.


With the right concrete resurfacing finish Bluejet can match the aesthetics of your home, call Bluejet now to find out how.


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Concrete Grinding and Polishing

Polished concrete is an ideal flooring material that can have a high-gloss finish that never needs waxes or coatings. Many people are opting for polished concrete flooring as an alternative to marble, granite, tile, linoleum, or coated concrete. Homeowners are also catching on to the appeal of these smooth, high-luster floors that look like polished stone.


Polished concrete is an excellent flooring choice that has great aesthetics, low maintenance costs, meets anti-slip requirements, and is very durable. 


Concrete grinding and polishing is definitely not a project to do yourself, call Bluejet today to find out more and where we can help you with your project.


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