Topit Flexible is a world-first revolutionary and innovative product that is the only flexible, stretchable, cement-based product on the market. It is the best solution for resurfacing interior or exterior concrete surfaces for residential, industrial and commercial use.

Topit Flexible decorative concrete transforms traditional grey concrete into elegant, expensive-looking modern designs that are weather resistant, easy to maintain and economical.


Concrete is a relatively easy product to work with but there are many problems that may occur like crazing and cracking, discoloration, shrinking, curling, heat expansion, contraction, and scaling, to name a few. As a result applicators have been applying various cement-based spray-on products that would crack, chip and peel when the concrete moved. Through research and development Bluejet has created Topit Flexible to solve these problems. Topit Flexible is tough and hard-wearing like concrete, yet flexible enough to cope with day-to-day expansion and contraction.


As a property owner, it makes good sense to invest your resources into your assets, protecting them and ensuring the property is increasing in value. Topit Flexible solves a lot of problems and the finished product looks fantastic. With Topit Flexible there are a wide range of options to solve concrete problems and improve the look of your property for a minimal cost. Topit Flexible may not be the cheapest product on the market but it’s the best product that is capable of solving the problems on your concrete surface.


With Topit Flexible we take ordinary looking concrete surfaces and transform them into beautiful areas that increase the appeal and value of your property. Topit Flexible will out-perform and outlast all other existing concrete coatings on the market today. We achieve this through our exclusive product Topit Flexible and our specialized system of preparation and application that will ensures a job will last several years before any maintenance is required.


If you want the maximum profit when you sell your property, or are considering resurfacing your concrete to transform your property, please contact us so that a professional estimator can evaluate your situation and advise you on the best solution for you.

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